2010 Dscoop Annual Conference • February 18-20 • Dallas, Texas
Hassan Igram

“Dscoop is all about creating revenue. I will bring more members of my staff next year to educate them about how to relate the technologies in the marketplace to customers’ needs and wants.”

Hassan Igram
Cedar Graphics


Fuel for Growth

The fifth annual Dscoop conference will be your fuel for growth in 2010 and Education is a cornerstone of Dscoop5. Improve your business strategy by sharing your experiences and discussing the latest innovations, trends and technical expertise with your peers, partners and HP representatives.

Dscoop provides the venue for you to connect with your colleagues and find the help you need to grow your business. Pick and choose sessions throughout our four tracks: business/sales, operations, label and packaging and large-format. Find out how your colleagues are improving margins, creating efficiencies and adding value for their customers over three full days of educational sessions.


Wall Street:
What Happened? Why? What’s Next?

It’s a whole new era. From here forward, you’ll run your business and your checkbook very differently. Say goodbye to spending and borrowing as a way of life; saving, thrift, and solid value are coming back. The Wall Street edifice has collapsed suddenly and with great drama. It will never be the same again. Financial speaker Stuart Varney was at the center of the historic action, anchoring live coverage for FOX News, and will tell you what it all means to you, in plain English!

Stuart Varney, a business and financial journalist for FOX News, explores how current affairs affect economic conditions and brings a fresh perspective on topics such as Wall Street, the current economic climate and how America remains a role model in politics, culture and business.


Make Some Noise

Ken Schmidt’s business keynote speech is a fascinating story of how businesses of any size and scope can—by focusing on understanding and harnessing the most basic drivers of human behavior—improve their competitiveness in even the most difficult marketing environments. The road starts here to building a fanatically vocal customer base, creating a passionately loyal corporate culture, and developing leaders who inspire and motivate. And it takes you to places you’ve never imagined.

Ken Schmidt, marketing visionary and former communications director for Harley-Davidson, provides expertise on how corporate positioning and media relations can improve companies’ market competitiveness during difficult times.


Lean in Printing

Learn how the world-class principles behind the vaunted Toyota Production System can and have been applied in the print industry as well as strategies to ensure continued improvement and success. Discover how the eight wastes of lean apply in printing and methods to eliminate them.

Tom Southworth joined CONNSTEP as a lean consultant in 2007, providing consulting services to a variety of manufacturing companies with a concentration in lean manufacturing. He has provided both classroom and hands-on training and facilitated the design, development and implementation of lean methodologies on an enterprise wide basis. Southworth is SME Certified Lean-sensei and an ASQ Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence. He has more than 23 years of manufacturing experience, including 19 years in management, with a focus in quality and plant management in commercial and label printing.